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The track “Country House” qualities its’ name. It is directly connected regarding the “house in the village”, so to a “community” Residence popular music. Mainly, this record appeared thanks to the appreciated participant of the Union of Composers of Russia, Alexander Rogachov, an adherent of the terrific author Gniessin. Someday he supplied SYNTETICA unusual phonograms, recorded years ago on the draw in the Russian heartland, and tossed out a challenge. He wondered whether it was possible that old Russian cultural ancestry, with such a certain noise, to revive in ultra modern-day noise?
At first, it was perceived as a joke. Choral chants, piercing noises of gusli (an ancient Russian instrument, something near to “a harp”), ethnic state of minds, all that had absolutely nothing to do over modern-day noise, and it seemed nearly difficult to approve that obstacle. Yet curiosity of Max Adams, his sound-engineering expert skills and unquenchable thirst for hard-executable tasks just sustained his passion.
Max picked certain, special samples: lively harps and grannies’ recitatives, preaching of “worthlessness” of youth popular music culture. It took your man unbelievable time, ingenuity, know-how of sound synthesis, in addition to a fine feeling of style, to transform this aged set into the blockbuster! The rich gusli timbre was formed by incorporating of 10 ballots from numerous synthesizers; grannies underwent granular synthesis; the history was fulled of uncommon for modern popular music rattles, castanets, tambourines, ethnic drums, and so on. The dancing mood and power were received from the guitar by Yury Lisin (a guitarist of SYNTETICA ORG). At the end of the track you could listen to the initial samples of gusli and vocals, which developed the basis of the composition.
“Country House” has taken a deserving location in the band’s discography, as it fully matches the design of “SYNTETICA ORG”, blending live and electronic noise. As their various other works, this track is filled out via the whole regularity array. Their documents could be ased opposed to an image of an artist, where every inch of the canvas completed and there is no vacant room. SYNTETICA follows the same principle: an accomplished piece of popular music must not look like a sketch. Like an artist’s job, it needs to be painted from side to side.
And, obviously, “eclecticism”, so loved by the band, is the major concept of this music work. Combination of incongruous; blend of styles; unique, various and wealthy sound – that’s exactly what establishes “SYNTETICA ORG” apart among musicians of our time.
The track “Country House” has a vital objective. It proves that popular music is timeless and understands no boundaries. It joins the time, society, practices and advancements, and restores the social heritage in a clear analysis for the contemporary viewers.


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